Fired, For Voting?! Is that legal?


Emily Zanotti | 12:15 pm, November 12, 2016

On Wednesday, GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney sent a company-wide email to his employees, complaining about the results of the Presidential election and strongly suggesting that employees who voted for Donald Trump should resign, as their values no longer fit with GrubHub’s corporate culture.

The email was a public relations disaster, giving rise to both a massive social media boycott, and a frantic public relations walk-back.

15th Amendment : According to the The 15th amendment protects the rights of Americans to vote in elections to elect their leaders. Specifically, it confirms the right to vote and lists conditions that are illegal to deny another person the right to vote. Any American cannot be denied the right to vote, based on race, color or being a former slave (

Last Wednesday my mother told me to delete my grub hub/seamless account. She told me that we shouldn’t support people who don’t believe that people should have their own opinion and freedom to choose their new president. I was highly upset to learn that the CEO of Grubhub would send out an email like this basically threatening the employees . It is amazing how American has duck taped the mouths of those who don’t agree with their views. We who opposed must be silenced and we try to destroy them in every single way if they don’t agree with the masses. This election has created a great divide in the country and it has tackled down into areas of peoples lives where it shouldn’t. It was a fair race both parties said what needed to be said. And a vote was taken and Trump won. NO ONE should have the authority to fire someone based not their political beliefs. They say Trump is evil but what about the Hillary Clinton extremist as well. I can’t believe this is suppose to be the Land of the free. Freedom?! I will not be supporting establishments that can’t seem to get their crap together and move on.

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