I have really enjoyed my time in CT101. There have been so many fun assignments and blog post that really got my creative juices flowing . I love the artistic freedom of the class in building a website and the no stress zone it offered. My favorite assignment was the popstar out of place . […]


​ Wolves x Space * With 🔊 Meet Maximus he is grey wolf traveling through space and time looking for his mate . He howls in agony in the search for her . As he travels through the various portals . Abandoning all rules in search for his perfect mate . No one knows where […]


“STRANGE” was inspired by a CT101 assignment of playing with different photo apps. I immediately knew that I wanted to make something “creepy” and I thought Porcelain Doll.  In the app store, there are a variety of photo editing apps and I put the original image through a variety of them. I ended up  using […]